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I use unbound largely out of a habit to try different things. Your mileage will vary.

Issue: Make sure unbound-anchor has its path specified in its init.d script. Think this got fixed in an update but if not, you may see it whine at you.


  1. I start by copying over the sample configuration file. It's a decent starting point.
  2. Since I'm not using this for a major DNS server (it will never serve an external request), I set threads to 2.
  3. Set localhost and private interfaces
  4. Outgoing interfaces as appropriate - especially for IPv6
  5. Outgoing range: 480
  6. Restrict ports to a smallish (~8k) range
    1. Largely so you know you have a safe range for other UDP services e.g. Mumble
  7. Be sure to add bound ipv6 addresses to /etc/network/interfaces - AnyIP only binds inbound.
  8. Don't forget access-control
  9. Outgoing/incoming tcp buffers 16
  10. I set most cache sizes to 32m - you'll want a lot more for more important servers, however.
  11. Slabs at 4 (equal to number of threads or so)
  12. Turn on prefetching for results and keys.
  13. auto-trust-anchor-file: "/var/lib/unbound/root.key"
  14. control-enable: no under remote-control:


Set this up so we actually query ourselves!

# Unless we're dealing with an intranet of some sort, set search to some nonsense tld.
search invalid
# Default timeout is 5, have had some issues with 1.
options timeout:3
nameserver ::1
nameserver host.or.google.here
nameserver host.or.google.here


Unbound sometimes chokes on me, if rarely, and my members then complain about not getting their notifications immediately. I wrote a watchdog script to take care of this:

run=`ps ax | grep "/usr/sbin/unbound" | grep -v grep | cut -c1-5 | paste -s -`
if [ "$run" ];
    /etc/init.d/unbound start

And for /etc/cron.d/unbound (or whatever)

3,23,43  *       *       *       *       root       /root/watchdog.unbound.sh

If that's where you put your watchdog script. I'm lazy.