ClamAV (0.98)

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Most ClamAV configuration is done simply through dpkg-reconfigure in Debian. Your distribution may differ.

Freshclam config

dpkg-reconfigure clamav-freshclam
  • Checks 60
  • /etc/clamav/freshclam.conf
    • Comment out the standard logfile, turn on syslog
    • SafeBrowsing yes

Milter config

dpkg-reconfigure clamav-milter
  • add postfix to groups
  • make postfix group owner of the socket as well
  • creation mode 660
  • exclude 'local'
  • I set it to accept infected messages currently, mostly so I could inspect one if it ever got sent and flagged.
  • Disable logfile, use syslog
  • Log full info on detecting infected files
  • Set the maximum size suitably large - 512 mb or so (postfix will handle size limits)
  • Enable multiple recipient support.

Daemon config

dpkg-reconfigure clamav-base
  • Socket creation mode: 660
  • 512mb stream limit (whatever you set the max file size to above)
  • Use system logger, disable logfile