Windows 7 Nagware Updates

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You may have any number of reasons to not want to upgrade to Windows 10. Many have privacy concerns, but for me, my two main concerns are

  • Forced automatic updates, which are already causing issues in Windows 10.
  • Freemium notices in the basic software - which was already a thing in Windows 8.

I plan on moving to Linux for my PC desktop eventually, rather than upgrade past Windows 7 once it starts showing its age.

Updates to Remove and Hide

  • KB2952664
  • KB2990214 (You may not have this)
  • KB3021917
  • KB3022345 (You may not have this, it was replaced by KB3068708)
  • KB3035583
  • KB3068708
  • KB3075249
  • KB3080149
  • KB3123862

These present the nag notice and send various metrics (including browsing) back to Microsoft because you can totally trust them with this.

Task Scheduler

Under Task Scheduler -> Task Scheduler Library -> Microsoft -> Application Experience, you may see up to three items that will run regularly.

  • AitAgent
  • Microsoft Compatibility Appraiser
  • ProgramDataUpdater

There may be others if Microsoft tries to sneak more of this in. Disable them all.