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Welcome to Hexwiki.

This project is a collection of documentation, mainly referring to my Debian LAMP/LEMP setups, but I plan to include other technology related advice here as well. I have a lot of experience with forums and other community software, so some of the documentation here directly supports that sort of need. You should be able to make some use out of it regardless, however.

Contributors are welcome! You'll need to sign up in the forums and ask for editing privileges. Just follow the guidelines, please - make sure you've got the version of any software you are documenting in the title, so that changes can be applied version to version. Alternately, a rather lot of this is in first person and probably should not be, or could otherwise use clearing up.

Everything written here is released under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license. Feel free to spread accordingly.

Guides Complete (or close enough to it)

  • Debian Wheezy - Currently running on three servers, a detailed LEMP stack with a MySQL-backed Postfix+Dovecot solution.
    • I have since updated these all to Jessie with minimal Jessie-specific alterations.

Guides Under Construction

  • I also have documentation for Squeeze and Lenny, if people are interested, but my plan is to just start with Wheezy for now. Much of the Wheezy configuration is easy to backport to Squeeze.