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Title: Welcome, and what this is about
Post by: Vekseid on August 18, 2013, 11:37:35 pm
Some years ago, I started a web forum - Elliquiy Adult Roleplaying (https://elliquiy.com). Obviously, not exactly safe for work, and that in and of itself is part of the reason for this site.

As Elliquiy grew, so did its needs. Out of a desire to understand what exactly is going on, I eschewed control panels and did everything via console, documenting as I went along. The end result is a fairly extensive set of documents about how to setup a complete webserver on the Debian distribution of Linux. Hexwiki is here as a place where I can share this information without having to point people to an adult site. This latest round that I will be uploading is actually the fourth such incarnation.

In addition, it will function as a place where I can post more lay technical concepts on computer performance and security, for the same reason. I hope everyone will eventually find this place to be a useful resource.

Thank you for reading,